Silverstar Technologies Announces The Launch Of New, Improved, And More

"With companies looking hard for increased productivity across the board, our products offer convenience, speed and ever-increasing capabilities," said SilverStar Tracking Solutions CEO ChandreshAmbani. “Even cash savings can be identified and managed more tightly with our accurate monitoring and extensive reporting.

Our wide range of products that suit all budgets are a ‘must see’ for managers looking for fleet tracking and monitoring solutions. Whether you need 10 or 1,000 devices, we are here to offer you the best features at the best prices. We offer GPS tracking systems to track fleets, people, assets, and much more.

Our products encompass a wide range of customer needs, and are priced accordingly, so that our customers only pay for what they need. Some of the tracking and monitoring features covered by our products are:

  • Voice, SMS, GPRS TCP/UDP Communications
  • GSM/GPRS Simultaneously
  • Remote configuration
  • Real-Time Tracking (Time, Change Course or Dynamic Mode)
  • Intelligent Power Management
  • Back-Up Battery
  • Zone management
  • Route management
  • Over speed alerts
  • Live pictures
  • Fuel reports
  • Driving records
  • Driving distance
  • Driver performance and activity
  • Engine operation time
  • Speed limit violations
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Air-condition monitoring
  • Idling time and over-stopping
  • Change of course reporting
  • Geo-fence management
  • Voice dialing functions
  • Water proof, dust proof
  • Installation free options
  • Long life battery
  • Covert installations
  • FMS data on J1939 and J1585

Our clients tell us the features they need, and we find the best fit from our wide range of products.