Improve your Construction Site Security and Safety with SilverStar GPS Satellite Tracking

If you are a Heavy equipment and construction contractor, and you need to improve your construction site security and safety without sacrificing profitability – then SilverStar has the right solution for you. Our GPS tracking solution is low cost and effective, and pays for itself within 3 months.

SilverStar offers specific tools for GPS monitoring that has been developed for construction equipment. This lets you:

  • Equipmenttheft
  • Lost productivity
  • Project delays while equipment is replaced
  • Higher insurance premiums and deductibles
  • Time and expense of criminal investigations and prosecutions

Contractors and owners of heavy equipment face multiple on-site problems that increase costs and waste resources:

  • Improve upon worker safety
  • Maximize equipment deployment and utilization
  • Minimize losses due to theft
  • Stop unauthorized equipment use
  • Set up need-based maintenance
  • Save on fuel costs and reduce emissions
  • Cut back on unnecessary idling

Most sources believe that only 10 to 15% of stolen equipment is ever recovered. This alarming figure is the result of many contributing factors, but the lack of a formal security process, serial numbers that are often worn off and hard to read, and the nature of the used-equipment market are key factors.

On option is to staff construction sites with 24/7 security, but this is costly and with construction sites often encompassing large areas in remote locales, on-site security is far from foolproof.

Tools like the location-enabled tracking platforms built by SilverStarhave the ability to track construction equipment in real time to significantly increase the chances of recovering a stolen piece of equipment. Functionality like the enter/exit zones and schedules included in solutions further enable users to receive automatic alerts if a vehicle leaves a specific area or is not in a specific location when required.

GPS for Heavy Equipment

SilverStarprovides vehicle visibility through proprietary technology comprising GPS for heavy equipment that delivers data to any web-enabled device through our fleet management software application.

Our software for heavy equipment management provides tools to construction fleet managers to monitor construction site security and productivity, asset use and security.

Easy to Steal, Hard to Track

It is easy to steal unprotected equipment. Almost all parts get stolen - compressors, generators, skid loaders, forklifts, copper wires, heavy equipment. It is not just outsiders who steal, the amount stolen by employees is very high. Our clients agree that over Sixty percent of thefts are internal. What this means is that thefts cost a lot of money and also increase insurance premiums.

Enhance Construction Site Safety in Remote Rural Areas

SilverStarprovides precise location information - even in rural areas - to help you monitor the location of your vehicles and heavy equipment, and the workforce operating them. Critical sensor information, like idling status or speed violations, provides key data to help you efficiently and effectively manage your construction site.

Maximize Returns with GPS Monitoring of Construction Equipment

Through GPS monitoring of construction equipment, you know where and how your equipment is being used. You know immediately if equipment moves outside of a pre-defined area through a "geo-fence". Location information also helps you deploy equipment and workforce resources more efficiently.

Save on Fuel and Operating Costs

We provide you with the data to more effectively monitor idling, fuel drainage, fuel consumption, and unauthorized use so that you can optimize fuel consumption and efficiency.

Reduce Risk of Theft and Expect Quick Equipment Recovery

Use our geo-fence security feature to guard against asset theft. You may create a digital fence around your heavy equipment and also set up curfew timings. Once a vehicle leaves the geo-fence, an alert is sent out to you by SMS and email.

Our Experience will Enhance your Control

Timely access to construction fleet and heavy equipment diagnostic reports and construction equipment security monitoring will positively impact all departments of your operations, including sales, vehicle maintenance, customer service and management.

GPS trackers have been around for several years in India, but they are being accepted as providing value to the construction and heavy equipment industry only in recent times.SilverStar installers place a small, undetectable GPS device inside your equipment, and it can then be tracked by following the signal sent out by the transmitter. Statistics say that GPS trackers worth the investment for the average construction company.