BPOs and Service Fleets

SilverStar provides routing software solutions that improve route efficiency and facilitate the dispatch process for BPO fleets.

Most BPO employees work at odd hours and many of them are women. Thousands of employees need to transferred on time every single day. Most of the transfers take place within the time frame of a couple of hours. Delays are not acceptable because of the nature of this industry – so decisions regarding wait times and re-routing have to be taken on the fly.

Under this scenario of thousands of transfers within a short time period it is imperative for BPO transporters to streamline their service industry operations. SilverStar's industry leading Routing, Scheduling, Tracking and Monitoring software provide the tools that make this business run smoothly and on schedule.

Our routing software solutions can be used by both small and large BPO companies. SilverStar builds multi-user custom routing software solutions that are user-friendly and provide your business with the tools to bring greater routing and dispatch efficiency to day-to-day operations.

Our routing, scheduling, and dispatching software solutions match any BPO business requirements.

SilverStar'sdispatch software solution is a flexible, user-friendly routing software system that is full of useful features and functionality. All of your main routing and dispatch tasks can be done from one screen, making it easy for you to take advantage of all of savings in fuel and driver time.

Easy to use tools to simplify and automate the task of scheduling, routing, and dispatching

SilverStar provides automatic routing, scheduling and dispatching, plus job tracking and customer information management, with MULTI-USER access and control from anywhere – all in one system.

Our Route Planning & Logistics System, built under hosted and mobile platforms, can:

  • Trim fuel costs 20% or more by creating optimized routes based on multiple parameters
  • Cut route planning time in half with automated route optimization software and delivery/service call scheduling
  • Increase customer satisfaction with greater flexibility to accommodate last minute changes and communicate smaller service appointment windows
  • Save time by integrating with existing business systems to create seamless user experiences
  • Increase visibility into logistics, costs and metrics through robust tracking

Panic Button as an Added Security Feature

Many women working in BPOs work night shifts and untoward incidents in the past have led to regulations making it compulsory to provide them with a panic SOS button kept within their reach. With our solution, fleet managers are able to keep 2-way communications open and also give staff a panic button as part of the basic package for BPOs.

End-to-end Optimization

Our software provides automated routing, scheduling and dispatching software, plus job tracking and customer information management – all in one system. Designed to work for both mid-sized business and large enterprises, our software can operate as a single, stand-alone system and can be accessed by multiple users located anywhere on your company's local area network. With its user-friendly visual interface, you can "see and manage it all" using colorful maps and graphics. Our system is Blackberry compatible and can also be viewed on other phones.

Traditionally, BPO companies don't find GPS tracking viable in an industry that is always looking at ways to cut cost. The BPO industry works on a very thin profit margin. But the SilverStar solution pays for it self and most customers experience a ROI within the first 3 months of operations.

We also have attractive leasing options for BPO owners and transporters such that the initial investment is much lower.