CANbus Fleet Managment Solution

CAN (also referred to as CANbus or CAN bus, meaning 'Controller Area Network') is a multiplexed wiring system used to connect intelligent devices such as Electronic Control Units on vehicles, allowing data to be transferred in a low-cost and reliable manner. SilverStarinstalls after-market products using a CAN Bus Interface.

The SilverStar Automatic Vehicle Location GPS Tracking device supports a CANBus interface as standard, allowing direct connection to this increasingly common network feature on trucks and vans. This connection gives managers access to a wide variety of vehicle information such as revs, MPG, mileage, instantaneous fuel consumption, power, etc, which can then be used by the them to monitor individual driver's driving performance and vehicle diagnostics.

Moreover, within the CANBus interface on the AVL device, the FMS standard is also supported.

FMS Support

A connection from the SilverStar tracking hardware into the existing vehicle CANBus gives it the ability to report more events to the fleet managers for alerts and reporting purposes. Through the combination of GPS tracking for proof of delivery / collection, and CANBus - FMS data, SilverStar is now able to offer a hugely comprehensive real-time vehicle management system.

How does ourCANbus system work?
This system works byintegrating theSSTracking device with thetelematics electronics in your vehicle using an interface. The data generated using this system provides the highest value system in the transportation and logistics industry. It gives managers the visibility and control they need to manage afleet to maximum profitability.

What is a FMS Interface and how will it help your fleet?
A FMS Interface is an electronics device to read data from a vehicle network like CANbus and translate the data into standardized protocols like CANbus FMS/J1939 or RS23. Our FMS acts as a firewall, so that the vehicle data network isnot interfered with, and translates the proprietary vehicle signals into FMS standard.

What can we do for you?
We supply you with easy to use integrated electronic equipment and run reports that help you to make full use of CANbus, vehicle data and diagnose signals. We demonstrate how to interpret this data, build measurement systems and integrate the system into your fleet management application. We can develop a customized solution that you just have to 'plug and play'.

Funtionality that helps your business

  • CANbus can be linked with our GPS (Global Positioning System) to track a vehicle and to ensure it only works where it has been allocated.
  • CANbus can bring together several systems, egweighing systems, information logging, statistics, servicing reports, time per job etc.
  • Fast and low cost servicing and backup.
  • No wasting of time into why a vehicle has a problem; the fault diagnostic will highlight the problem and send an error message.
  • Safety features ensure equipment cannot be overloaded or misused.
  • In the event of misuse the process will be stopped and logged, and an error message will be sent out.

On-Board Diagnostics, or OBD, refers to your vehicle's self-diagnostic and reporting capability. The OBD system will give the fleet manager access to state of health information for various vehicle sub-systems. This information is also very useful for repair technicians and will greatly reduce vehicle downtime.

Our modern OBD implementation uses a standardized digital communication port to provide real-time data. This allows fleet managers to rapidly identify malfunctions within the vehicle.

Business Benefits

Connection to your vehicle brings new information to the tracking hardware.

  • Recording of key events, such as over revs, high fuel consumption and fuel logging on a per journey basis. This can be used as a tool to educate drivers and reduce your fuel consumptions and servicing bills.
  • Reporting of key information, such as service indication, allows planning of fleet usage. Service requirements can be logged into the service calendars and these events can be planned for.
  • Projection of vehicle usage and replacement dates. Particularly useful for lease agreements where penalties may be incurred for excessive mileage.
  • Vehicle manufacturer/model comparisons, aiding future purchasing decisions.

CANBus / FMS - Key Features

Connection to your vehicle brings new information to the tracking hardware.

  • Integrated CANBus support within the SilverStar vehicle tracking hardware.
  • Certified and tested FMS support.
  • Reporting of: fuel used, fuel level, engine speed, axel weight, total engine hours, total mileage, service distance, engine coolant temperature.
  • Support of drivers' information, such as: driver ID, driver hours
    (Note: FMS features supported may vary by vehicle type.)
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CANbus FMS and OBD

How does your fleet operation benefit from SilverStar?

  • Increased driver and passenger safety
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Improved utilization of fleet
  • Reduced overtime and billing errors
  • Efficient route planning
  • Lower fuel bills
  • Stop unauthorized vehicle use
  • Expedite stolen vehicle recovery
  • Insurance risks minimized
  • Enhanced timely service for customers
  • Reduced overtime and billing errors
  • Improve response time with Nearest Vehicle Locator