With safety concerns arising from Covid 19, more corporates are turning to managed transport solutions for their staff. Public road transportation is erratic and overcrowded – giving no scope for social distancing. Commute time is longer on public transport, and safety is an additional concern for women.

App based aggregators, regular taxis, or auto-rickshaws do not provide the on-time steady availability during peak office hours.

SilverStar provides the software and the mobile apps to make your employees more productive – by taking care of their security, health and happiness during the daily commute.

The SSTracking software for corporate employee transport includes a full range of state-of-the-art fleet management solutions:

  • Web-based dispatching system with live mapping
  • In-built reservation module with daily jobs ready for dispatch
  • Bi-lingual driver apps to record driver details
  • Economical tracking hardware for fleet management
  • Customer app to track their pick-up vehicle

Employees get several benefits from using the SilverStar app:

  • Less wait time at the designated stop
  • Communicate with their driver if required
  • Get an accurate ETA of the bus or car at any stop
  • Set up an alert on the app for when the bus/car has left the previous stop


  • All software is web-based and requires no download.
  • This system can work by enabling data on a driver’s smartphone – so an on-vehicle tracker is not essential.
  • Staff as well as driver apps are available in Android and IOS
  • The system is scalable – add multiple locations and any number of drivers and staff members
  • It is simple to use and navigate, requires no training
  • The staff phone app can be implemented with integration with a transporter’s existing tracking system