Transportation Logistics

We enable end-to-end visibility. We ensure high service levels.

"Logistics management in India is evolving from the rustic into a semi-science that uses high technology to ensure cost effectiveness, speed, safety and security in moving goods."

Visibility On Demand for Better Supply Chain Management

Access to critical data quickly often means the difference between profit and loss.SilverStar opens up a new world of mobile asset management that enables you to monitor the status and whereabouts of trucks, delivery vans, cargo, containers, heavy equipment, leased vehicles and marine vessels. We integrate the location, speed and time information of the vehicle through Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to help you improve your supply chain management.

Key technologies that drive the end-to-end visibility in the logistics chain, centre around global positioning systems (GPS) for tracking movement; sensors for monitoring weight, fuel consumption, temperature and other metrics; radio frequency identification (RFID); and an accompanying layer of software for information management, data storage, display, control and communications.

Logistics Applications and Benefits


  • Operations Management
  • Efficient Loading and Dispatch
  • Two-way Satellite
  • Communication
  • Logistics Annotations
  • Driver Management
  • Detect Unauthorized Use
  • Theft Deterrent and Detection


  • Increase Fleet Utilization
  • Quick Response and Direction
  • Greater Load Status Knowledge
  • Improved Driver Behavior
  • More Vehicle Recoveries

Business Value

  • Increased Fleet Capacity
  • Client Satisfaction, More Contracts
  • Quicker Asset Turnaround
  • Reduced Risk and Fuel Savings
  • Lower Fleet Costs

Solutions that Provide Total Logistics Control

We let you know immediately when rules - such as vehicle speed, idle limits, door openings or route deviation - are broken.

Our strategic fleet information is designed to help you by allowing you to:

  • Improve customer metrics by providing your customer with accurate status and location updates.
  • Reward drivers who cut down on idling and route deviation.
  • Minimize losses due to theft or spoilage with onboard sensors that notify you immediately when your assets may become compromised.
  • Optimize asset use through visibility and control supported by real-time position mapping of mobileassets.
  • Remotely manage temperature and onboard security like locks from any web-enabled device.
  • Improve asset maintenance through predictive and preventative maintenance interfaces.

Software Solutions that Offer Immediate Insight to Fleet Status

We provide solutions that help improve operations and security within the supply chain.

Our feature-rich software application provides you with detailed digital mapping, asset tracking, behavior reporting and two-way communications that allows you to monitor and control mobile assets with 24/7 real-time data display.

Our software is designed to let you react to emergency situations and to make emergency response easy and reliable. A combination of vehicle based alarms and alerts, and a driver-activated panic button provides protection for your drivers, your fleet assets and your cargo.

Benefits that Enhance Value

Our customer-defined solutions are designed to be scalable, and customers typically scale up once they realize benefits. Our solutions include real-time vehicle tracking, dispatch features, mapping information and report generation that offer the following benefits:

  • Increased efficiency in fleet operations due to enhanced trailer / vehicle / asset utilization.
  • Decreased risk and costs due to mitigated cargo loss.
  • Reduction of insurance premiums through insurance credits or improved claims history.
  • Reduction of fuel costs
  • Enhanced customer service through timely reporting of asset location.
  • Decreased repair costs because with access to vehicle diagnostics and maintenance schedule reporting.

Our fleet asset management and security solutions will strengthen your competitive advantage through enhanced productivity, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

SilverStar uses RFID in Logistics

With RFID, logistics and transportation companies can better track shipments and assets. RFID is similar to bar code identification, but is powered by radio signals that can be read at greater distances. While a bar code is manually scanned at a close range, an RFID tag can be read by a device placed in a doorway as the object passes through, or by readers placed anywhere in a room or warehouse.

RFID tags are of two types: active and passive. An active tag is powered by a battery and its transponder emits information embedded on a chip. A passive tag transmits signals using power received by the reader in the form of electromagnetic waves.

Using RFID and logistics management strategies help companies to

  • Improve capital utilization
  • Lower the total operational costs
  • Improve the availability of assets
  • Improved customer retention significantly
  • Improve visibility of assets in transit
  • Uninterrupted, end-to-end visibility services
  • Determine the time of delivery
  • Helps to serve verticals with high product value
  • Helps to serve verticals with strict regulatory requirements

Information technology from SilverStar helps Logistics Management

The latest freight tracking technology from SilverStar is changing the way many fleets are managed. Our GPS tracking systems give you all the information you need to monitor your cargo or freight's location, condition, and security. Our information technology (IT) layer is also a crucial component in logistics. Several logistics companies have benefited from our solutions as we tailor many of our products to suit the needs of individual customers.

We also provide portable devices at the pick-up and delivery-end for invoicing, proof of delivery and so on. This, integrated with the overall system, provides managers with end-to-end visibility and control.

With our complete technology solution, you can:

  • Better manage consignments by quickly responding to problems or new customer requirements.
  • Improve on-time delivery with real-time information on estimated arrival times, load locations and status.
  • Minimize risk or loss due to theft or spoilage with onboard security and temperature sensors that notify you immediately when your assets are in jeopardy.
  • You can optimize the use of your assets by monitoring empty or detained cargo containers at various sites.
  • Receive near real-time information about load status, door open/closed, hooked/unhooked, cargo identification, and trailer temperature.

Our technology lets you build a digital security perimeter to prevent theft or damage to your cargo.

We offer the following security tools:

  • GeoFence—Build a digital fence around your assets, and receive alerts instantly when the vehicle moves out. This ensures immediate response to intrusions or thefts, increasing your chances of recovery.
  • Point of Interest—Mark a digital perimeter area around your delivery or customer locations so you can be alerted as soon as your vehicles arrive at and depart from these locations.