Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Fleet Tracking

AVL is often used to denote other industry terms – GPS tracking, fleet tracking, satellite tracking, vehicle tracking, asset tracking, cargo tracking and mobile resource management. AVL technology and systems from SilverStar are important management tools in the transportation industry in India and around the world.

Keeping track of your company's fleet has never been easier, thanks to the SilverStar AVL global positioning satellite fleet management system. No matter what type of company you run, having expensive assets out on the road and out of sight is difficult to monitor and control. The SilverStar AVL solution solves this problem by keeping you in touch with your equipment at all times--no matter where in the world it's located.

The SIlverStar AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) is a completely mobile device that utilizes a combination of tracking technologies to keep you constantly updated on your vehicle's real-time location. The SilverStar AVL device uses the vehicle's on-board power supply to function, so it practically never shuts down.

In order to determine and transmit its location, the SilverStar AVL unit sends signals via GPS, GSM, GPRS or SMS technology to satellites and mobile telephone base transceiver stations. This gives our customers constant coverage even if the vehicle is located in a remote location outside the range of mobile phones.

The SilverStar AVL allows you to use the device for fleet management and security.