You have to protect and manage your remote assets to keep your company profitable. For companies whose assets are routinely spread around large areas--or even the state or country--this task can be extremely difficult. But SilverStar GPS tracking technology allows you to quickly and easily keep an eye on all of your assets at even remote locations.

SilverStar offers a full range of GPS tracking equipment with customized solutions and software that lets you monitor all of your assets at all times. Our tracking systems are proven to perform and enhance your company revenues by reducing and eliminating the possibility of equipment theft and misuse by drivers. You'll be able to quickly locate and retrieve any asset even if you lose telephone contact with the driver. Hundreds of companies in the transportation and related business in India are currently employing GPS technology to protect and monitor their expensive equipment, because GPS asset tracking is a low cost high return technology.

One example of how SilverStar uses GPS asset tracking to protect your equipment is by establishing a "geo fence." Geo fences are invisible boundaries that our customers establish on the map on our website based on GPS coordinates. If you have a particular asset or equipment that should always remain within a certain specific area (perhaps it is stationary, or is supposed to be limited to a 20 kilometer radius) you can "build" a geo fence around that area using the SilverStar GPS tracking software. As soon as your asset moves out of that area, an alert is sent to you on your mobile phone or email.