Commercial Fleets


Most commercial fleets are best managed through the use of such technologies as global positioning system (GPS) tracking and Automatic Vehicle Location. AVL, along with other mobile data technology such as RFID, and liquid fuel level sensors provides high levels of visibility relating to vehicle security, schedule adherence, route adherence, fuel consumption and driver performance.

How does our solution for Commercial Fleets help you?

  • Increased productivity - reduced stoppage times, reduced idle times, reduced mileage, more scope for shorter turnaround time, more productive output from drivers for the same paid hours
  • Reduced fuel consumption - through accurate control of routes, reduced excessive idle and improved driving style; through reports of refills and drainage(theft) with location and date/time
  • Increased security – Lesser deviation from route and unscheduled stops. Particularly effective where tracking is coupled with door sensors(for trailer fleets) and wireless panic buttons(for BPO fleets)
  • Reduced night out / stop over claims and expenses– visibility of route, speed, stoppages, and idling reduce false claims
  • Improved customer service - through improved planning and pre-arrival / lateness warnings, ETA for truck fleets available
  • Better fleet usage- a key by-product of improved productivity, the vehicle nearest to the next pick-up point can be deployed

Business Benefits

There are many business benefits the implementation of GPS tracking and AVL has delivered to our customers through increased driver and vehicle visibility:

  • Average delivery time reduced by 40 minutes
  • 30% reduction in night outs / stop overs
  • An average of 2.2 hours out of 10 hour shift identified as excessive idling(a major source of fuel wasteage)
  • Between 7% & 14% reduction in fuel consumption. Our customers typically experience a fuel saving of Rs. 3000 per vehicle per month.
  • About 30% productivity improvement in the transport process - through the reductionof turn around times, and more drops per vehicle per day through bettervisibility leading to better fixed route planning
  • Route adherence - projected saving of approximately many miles of road usageby vehicles thereby increasing vehicle life
  • Security –Almost 100% vehicle recovery in case of theft
  • Improved customer service with greater visibility of the supply chain allowing queries to be answered promptly with up to date information.
  • A reduction in fleet size without reducing the turnover

GPS Tracking Device / AVL Unit - Key Features

  • Client based control and monitoring
  • Remote updates of rule-sets supported
  • GPRS, GSM communications
  • Total telematics supported (over speed, harsh braking, excessive idling, unscheduled stops etc)
  • CANBus/FMS interface supporting used to capture and filter vehicle diagnostic data
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Serial switch - up to 4 peripherals can be connected and controlled (mobile data terminals, printers, etc)
  • Wireless panic buttons - when pressed an alert and the last known location is sent back tothe control centre monitoring the vehicle

Functional Summary

Rules and conditions can be mixed and matched with ease. Rule sets are downloaded to vehicles over air. Different rule sets can be allocated to vehicle groups or types.

Inputs on the AVL unit can monitor doors, ignition, temperature, wireless panic buttons and more. Outputs can control, for example, door locks, screamers and indicators.

Vehicle telematics are also supported, both in 'soft' and 'hard' formats. Soft refers to the ability to monitor over-speed, harsh braking and idling without connecting to the vehicle or engine.

Hard telematics are supported via a CANBus connection with FMS support, allowing monitoring of up to 32 vehicle and engine parameters, from revs to service indicators and more.

Tracking data is displayed via street level mapping on our website www.sstracking.com which allows the business to monitor, in real-time, delivery progress against plan.

The AVL tracking solution also comes with over 20 standard web-based reports and customers also have the option to develop their own custom reports.