Going Green with SilverStar Tracking

GPS Solution for FLEETS

  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Fuel Consumption
  • Cut Exessive Idling & Over - Speeding

Minimize your impact on the environment while reducing your operations costs and increasing your fleets productivity.

Fuel consumption and emissions make up a large part of the environmental impact by mobile workforces. By using solutions fromSilverStar, you not only reduce your expenses on fuel, but also make your fleet as eco-friendly as possible. This will also let you capitalize on consumer preferences for eco-friendly services and companies.

This is how we help you to become green:

  • Optimized routes
    Optimizing routes is an important step in reducing the fuel consumption since driving less means consuming less fuel, reducing the wear and tear on vehicle components and decreasing the probability of traffic accidents resulting in less potential damage to the environment. By applying SilverStar's route optimization capabilities, it is possible to reduce pollution and thus contribute to environment preservation.

  • Minimized idling
    Idling burns 5% of all fuel consumed by a vehicle. Nearly a billion tons of diesel fuel per year is wasted on engine idling. Considering these facts, any reductions in engine idling represent a big step towards environment preservation. Less idling means less fuel consumed which, in turn, means less pollutants released into the air. Our service provides the means to detect and prevent excessive idling, thus making your business more environmentally friendly.

  • Reduced non-revenue mileage
    Non-revenue miles can account for up to 10% of total mileage. Therefore, reducing the number of empty hauls has a positive effect on the environment, since less time spent on the road reduces the amount of pollution caused by vehicles. Additionally, reducing non-revenue mileage decreases the likelihood of traffic accidents and prolongs the vehicle's lifetime. With the SilverStar Service, it is possible to plan your transportation operations and schedule routes that minimize non-revenue mileage.

  • Reduced fuel consumption
    SilverStar enables you to utilize all the means at your disposal for reducing the fuel consumption and consequentially preserving the environment. From optimizing routes, fleet size and composition, decreasing idling and non-revenue miles, to improving the quality of maintenance and driving styles, SilverStar enables you to turn your business into an environmentally friendly one.