Welcome to the SilverStar GPS Dealer Program

The SilverStar GPS distribution and dealer philosophy is based upon a strong Dealer network. Our company's success is centered on utilizing the talent and knowledge that experienced fleet management professionals bring to the marketplace.

The SilverStar GPS dealer/distribution model is successful industry because:

  1. The tracking application is 100% hosted by us, and there is no software to purchase or support.
  2. Our software application and the in-vehicle hardware is reliable. This means that dealers have fewer problems to handle, and more time to sell and to support customers.
  3. The SilverStar application has all the important features, but it has been designed for ease of use. Training is typically brief, and the application's online help is extensive.
  4. The SilverStar application is all inclusive. All alerts and reports, automated report delivery, routing, geofencing, etc., are all included in one price; this makes communicating the service package straightforward and uncomplicated.
  5. The program for residual income is exceptional in the industry, and SilverStar is committed to this distribution model.

SilverStar provides a GPS Dealer section that enables:

  • Access to create, edit, and manage customer accounts
  • Account Proxy capability allowing the Dealer to get online and train and view application live with customer
  • Document Section that contains Marketing Materials, forms, guides and content to create web and media materials

Dealer Information