Innovative New Services In Fleet Management From Silverstar Technologies

SilverStar's GPS tracking systems allow you to effectively monitor your entire fleet in real time. And our vehicle tracking devices and thorough reporting doesn't simply tell you where your vehicles are - you also have full access to critical data and performance metrics such as number of stops, travel time discrepancies, and total distance traveled. Fleet Managers use our easy to read reports to increase fleet productivity and security of drivers and assets.

You too can maximize the efficiency of your fleet through reduced fuel and driver costs and increased billings by optimizing routing. Our technology gives you a bird's eye view of every vehicle in your fleet all of the time. We send SMS alerts and run reports to monitor fuel use, excessive idling, route deviation, and unauthorized usage. Respond confidently to customer service calls with accurate location and the nearest vehicle on the road.

A majority of leading domestic and international companies are using fleet management solutions to realize such benefits as:

  • 12.2% increase in service productivity
  • 13.0% improvement in vehicle utilization
  • 14.8% decrease in travel time and
  • 27.9% increase in operator compliance

Our calculations are based on simple facts:

Assuming a 10% savings on a vehicle averaging 7 KmPL for 50,000 annual kilometers at Rs.68 PL, the savings will be approximately Rs.50, 000 per year.

By saving 30 minutes per driver per day at Rs.50 per overtime hour you realize savings of Rs. 10,000 annually.

Automatic Vehicle Locator on your Mobile Phone:

Are you constantly on the move but still need to know where your vehicles are? SilverStar gives you control over your vehicles at your fingertips, literally!

Among our free value added services includes a simple, easy to use and intuitive application that you can download on your mobile phone, and you will be able to know exactly where your vehicles are, wherever you are, using GPRS or Wi-Fi connectivity on your mobile phone.

We are also Blackberry™ compatible! The mobile phone application allows you view status of your vehicles, view them on the map, send command to vehicles and track them in real-time as they move.