Motorcycle Tracking

With our tried and tested Motorcycle GPS Tracking System; we put YOU in charge of your own asset. There is no need to call and activate your system, if the bike is stolen we will show you where and when it was stolen, and what is its current location.

This system is also very useful for businesses using motorcycles or scooters for their sales or delivery staff. With our free web service with your tracker you can see on a map everywhere your motorcycle goes. If it is stolen you can trace it immediately with the location showing on Google Maps®.

You can also detect all unauthorised movement of your motorcycle. You may also activate the Geo Fence and your bike is instantly surrounded with an Invisible Electronic Fence. If the bike is moved outside this 'fence', you'll receive a phone call or text message in REAL TIME as the movement is occurring.

If your bike is picked up and put into a towing truck, you'll be notified in REAL TIME that the bike is moving with the ignition off.

Cost Effective

  • Potentially lower insurance premiums
  • Easy recovery in case of theft
  • Monitoring of unauthorized use of company bikes
  • Fuel saving by route optimization
  • Low investment and monthly costs – ROI is expected within 3 months


  • Automatic Vehicle Location [AVL]
    Using its onboard Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver the SS64 provides accurate location information. Additional information includes trip data, input status, output control, speeding and odometer.
  • Waterproof
    The SS64 provides complete IP65 waterproof and dustproof protection against the harshest Indian road environment.
  • Geo-fence Management
    Entry and exit of user-defined geographical areas can be monitored and notified by means of SStracking.com
  • Speed Management
    SS64 is equipped with internal speed alerts management. These alerts can be set internally and the device will send these alerts whenever set thresh-hold breaks.
  • Power Modes
    Using the latest technologies, the SS64 has the ability to intelligently switch between various power modes while maintaining full functional ability. The device can reduce its power consumption to levels well below industry standards, allowing a vehicle to stand for weeks without being driven, while not excessively draining the vehicle battery.
  • Immobilization
    On detection of a vehicle theft, an immobilization can be triggered to disable the vehicle movement.
  • Routes Management
    SS64 fully meets the industry requirement of route management. The intelligently written firmware allows users to load 8 routes into hardware memory.
  • Dynamic Upload
    Dynamically sends the data to SStracking.com in case of ignition is on and off. Low cost for the fleet owners in case the fleet is not on the move.
  • Real Time Tracking
    SS64 keeps the connection alive with the server even the GPRS signals are very low. This feature keeps the real time tracking alive.
  • Dual Communication Mode
    SS64 is equipped with the latest Siemens modem that can communicate in dual mode. GPRS or SMS can be configured and use according to customer requirement.
  • Power Disconnection Alert
    SilverStar sends automatically the power disconnection alarm to the center in case the main power is disconnected.
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Motorcycle Tracking

How does your fleet operation benefit from SilverStar?

  • Increased driver and passenger safety
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Improved utilization of fleet
  • Reduced overtime and billing errors
  • Efficient route planning
  • Lower fuel bills
  • Stop unauthorized vehicle use
  • Expedite stolen vehicle recovery
  • Insurance risks minimized
  • Enhanced timely service for customers
  • Reduced overtime and billing errors
  • Improve response time with Nearest Vehicle Locator