Keeping track of mobile and remote assets is vital for any business that wants to ensure safety of assets and cut costs. If tracking is not implemented, it can waste a lot of time, energy and resources of the company to keep tabs on all of your equipment and operations. AVL(Automated Vehicle Location) GPS technology from SilverStar can help you cut costs by automating all of your tracking needs and delivering information more quickly, cheaply and efficiently than you ever thought possible.

One of the best uses for GPS tracking technology for the transportation industry is fleet tracking. For companies with a large number of vehicles in remote locations on the road (such as a trucking company or a heavy equipment company), knowing where your vehicles are at every moment in time cuts fuel costs and driver time. The SilverStar GPS tracking systems allow you to achieve run you fleet efficiently with a low cost output.

For many companies in India even today - keeping track of your fleet meant forcing your vehicle operators to stay in constant touch with the office phone. GPS fleet tracking completely automates your fleet tracking system, allowing you, you drivers, and managers to keep working while your GPS equipment observes and reports positions and fuel consumption whenever you need them.

SilverStar offers a range of GPS custom tracking solutions for all types of vehicles that suits different budgets. In fact, our solutions give you a return on your investment within 3 months, and after that you save on fuel and driver payroll.