• Normally-closed dry-contact sensor
  • Cable type: 2-conductor Cable length: 15’, 50’ or 100’
  • Works with all climate/power monitors with analog ports.

Door Sensor

This sensor offers a low-cost method to monitor access doors or cabinets that should remain closed. The non- contact magnetic switch mounts to the door of a server rack or equipment room and connects to a SilverStar GPS device to monitor position of Door. Remotely check the door status through the SilverStar web interface or use alarms to notify you if a door is open. The sensor consists of two main parts, a magnet and a switch with terminals to connect the signal wires. The magnet mounts to a door or access panel, while the switch mounts to the frame. When the door is closed the two pieces should be within 1/2 ” of each other. When the door opens this distance increases, eventually toggling the switch. This allows the SilverStar GPS unit to know when the door is open.