The radio taxi industry is at its peak and is growing. However, according to the players the demand far exceeds what they are able to meet at the moment. The SilverStar solution for radio taxis provides you with full technology support so that your growth reaches its full potential.

Our Objectives

The SSTaxiPro system has been designed with three key objectives in mind:

  • Keep operations as simple and fast as possible for both office and drivers, and staff - Our System is simple to operate, extremely fast and intuitive, reservations can be booked anddispatched, literally in seconds.
  • Provide customers with a solution that is modular and scalable - Even small Taxi operators can start with a tracking and digital meter system, basic trip reservations and dispatchsystem as a starting point.
  • SSTaxiPro is built on a platform that is both powerful and scalable - This system cangrow to support multiple dispatchers, multiple locations, multiple companies and even multiple business types!

Our System Comprises

  • Digital Taxi Meters
  • You'll be notified if there's damage or a blow to the container, and you'll be alerted if the container is broken into bypassing the door.
  • Thermal Hand-held Bill Printer
  • Tracking Device and Software
  • Reservation System – Web and Application
  • Billing and Cashiering
  • Dispatch System
  • Accounting Integration
  • Front-end Web Site with Online Reservations
  • Call Center Software

How will the SSTaxiPro System help your business?

  • The software will simplify and accelerate the process of booking trip reservations, dispatching, tracking and billing of passenger fares.
  • It will automate dispatching through electronic dispatch, supporting a mix of devices using the latest technologies.
  • It will provide visual dispatcher map tools that keep the dispatcher informed via GPS as to the current location and status of all trips.
  • It will streamline administration expense with optional fully integrated billing, driver cashiering, and vehicle maintenance modules.
  • It will improve customer service because of greater speed and accuracy. It will improve business control through extensive productivity and financial reports.

Taxi Meter – Software Integration Benefits

  1. Fare Updates: Passes the fare of completed trips through to SSTaxiPro, so that the exact amount of the trip fare is automatically inserted into the completed trip record.
  2. Credit Card Processing: If your taxi is equipped with our MDT system, then credit cards may be authorized automatically, and inserted into the trip billing record.
  3. Flag On/Off: When the Taxi Meter is turned on (Flag Down) or off, the trip record on the Dispatch Screen is marked as LOADED or COMPLETE. This feature prevents the driver from picking up passengers without advising Dispatch.
  4. Receipt Printed: A small Bluetooth printer is part of this inexpensive package. Passengers get a printout of their fares – and they can get the taxi fare reimbursed by their companies easily.

Mobile Data Terminal (add-on feature)

MDT's allow the driver to update their current trip status on a real-time basis, e.g. Accept, Reject, Load, Complete, etc.. When any of the status keys are activated the message is automatically displayed and transmitted to the base dispatcher using the wireless communications system.