Generator & Tower Monitoring

Our Generator Monitoring Solutions Lets You Run a More Profitable Business

We build wireless remote generator monitoring systems for on-site power, standby power, and phone tower site monitoring applications. SSTelematics is an advanced field-proven telemetry system for the management of mobile and fixed machinery such as Generators and Compressors. This system can interface with intelligent generator controllers or connect directly to switches and sensors fitted to simpler machinery to monitor engine operations and detect pre-alarms or failures. This insures you of increased generator availability and a rapid response to service problems.

SSTelematics can be used for generator and tower analysis through advanced report and graphing facilities coupled with the in-built service and refueling predictions. We use state-of-the-art communications to identify engine problems before they become real power problems.

Static Equipment Fuel Tank Monitoring Solution

Our solution allows for real-time fuel monitoring on stationary assets withvarious types and dimensions of tanks. The system could be connected to an existing fuel sensor in a tank, or, in most cases, where such a sensor is not available, the system is provided with an additional sensor for high accuracy measurement.

Our fuel sensor provides the following key indications:

  • Real time fuel level and amount
  • Amount of fuel dispensed into the fuel tank(refills)
  • Fuel consumptionrate
  • Theft detection(drainage)
  • Automatic alerts to back office and mobile phones (low level, theft attempts etc.)
  • Operational and statistical reports

SSTelematics.com continuously displays updated information from the generator or system controller about each generators operating condition. Input values and operational parameters can be easily viewed using point-and-click menus and status screens. Valuable information such as generator usage data, alarm history and predictive maintenance reminders are easily accessible.

If an alarm occurs, it is immediately displayed on connected remote computers, and the system can be programmed to immediately send out an alert via SMS. The manager on duty can remotely diagnose the problem and modify generator configurations and parameters as needed. The dealer can then dispatch a service truck with the necessary parts to quickly correct the problem.

Losing power for even a few hours can mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue to your business. Keeping a steady flow of power is a competitive advantage.

Benefits of the SilverStar Generator Monitoring Solution

Save money and time with our generator monitoring equipment! Make intelligent use of our available information to improve your service process. There are many measureable benefits of our generator and tower monitoring system. Sensors on the monitor are capable of detecting the smallest change in a multitude of inputs such as temperature, voltage, and pressure, just to name a few. Right from the date of installation, the SSTelematics monitor is tracking and posting historic engine information in a secure database, ready for reporting and further analysis.

  • Prevention of predictable failure
  • Increased customer confidence
  • Minimized customer downtime
  • Real-time alerts sent directly to your desktop, laptop, orphone
  • Early detection of problems
  • Efficient scheduling for service technicians
  • Remote equipment command and control
  • Clear alerts from any location
  • Continuously updated web-based reports in an easy-to-readformat
  • Free SSTelematicssystem auto-updates
  • Affordable price and quick ROI
  • Remote start / stop capability
  • Make predictive, prioritized maintenance calls
  • Clear alarms, reset systems and control equipment
  • Critical engine data organized
  • Custom reporting available
  • Asset location via GPS
  • No Billing surprises
  • Remote diagnostics tolls
  • Provides ability to schedule fuel deliveries
  • Historical performance data available

Features of our generator monitor:

  • Cellular and Satellite connectivity options for global installations
  • Standard alarm and analog inputs and web-controlled relay outputs
  • Applicability to all major brands of generator sets
  • Compact size
  • Easy installation (by our installers)
  • Built in backup battery option
  • The LAN-to-Internet offers the most powerful and lowest cost connectivity

Remote Tower Monitoring

The SSTelematics solution includes a wide range of remote tower site monitoring needs such as:

  • temperature measurement
  • lighting alerts
  • intrusion alarming
  • air conditioner utilization
  • utility power monitoring
  • standby generator monitoring

Our tower monitoring solution is designed to provide easy remote access to site conditions, in an affordable and expandable way. The design point is global, offering choices in connectivity, including cellular and satellite options. No site is too remote for us.

Our system collects and analyzes data from sensors or equipment at the site, and automatically passes that data to the SSTelematics web data center. The information is converted into alert messages, indicating changes of conditions at the site, along with regularly scheduled measurement data for archiving equipment performance. As a result, customers may access historical information and view graphical displays of site performance, nationwide.

Data Networks:

  • GSM Cellular

Our Generator Monitoring Solutions Lets You Run a More Profitable Business

  • Web Browser
  • Automated Email Alerts
  • Text Messages

Data Access:

  • expandable to additional alarms and analog inputs
  • capable of providing remote access control
  • delivers real-time live data for advanced diagnostic applications
  • automaticupdates on status changes and critical events
  • sends alarms to cell phones, and desktop email recipients
  • long-term activity logs
  • unlimited message recipients
  • fast and reliable
  • easy installation by professionals