Container Tracking

Overview GPS Trailer tracking from SilverStar offers the latest technology, advanced battery management and a superbly designed end to end solution to deliver a robust trailer tracking solutions in India and to the world. Crafted especially for the realities of Indian roads and business issues, our solution is tried and tested, and above all delivers cost savings to the trailer and cargo movement industry.

SilverStar has build a security and fleet solution tailored to integrate with business processes and supply chain procedures of container movement.

GPS trailer tracking Delivering Real ROI

Our features are designed to save money for trailer owners and managers.

We deliver a great tracking and monitoring solution at a competitive price with the flexibility to solve many issues that modern logistics companies face.

Our GPS tracking devices help you to run a cost effective trailer tracking solution. If high value cargo and theft is your main concern then we provide advanced solutions to aid you recover and manage cargo.

We believe that the primary reason for installing a trailer tracking system is to increase your bottom line. Fleet management by SilverStar has demonstrated its return on investment many times already for many companies the world over, and now the same benefits are available for the container industry.

  • Equipping buses with the SilverStar solution will differentiate the School in the minds of potential parents seeking admission of their children
  • Reports showing hours spent on the move - Helps you determine your trailer fleet utilization and efficiency
  • Time spent at the same location - shows potentially idle trailers, helps you identify spare fleet capacity. Release surplus fleet or take on new business.
  • Start and end of day depot report - see where your trailers are at the beginning and end of a day, summarized by location or POI name.
  • Trailer Utilization - Shows how many of your trailers are not leaving your depots and how many trailers are working for your. Our location maps let you make informed decision about fleet optimization, and reduces new capital expenditure on trailers.
  • Reduce fuel usage – Route optimization and monitoring of over-speeding and idling of your trailer fleet reducesfuel consumption.
  • Reduce trailer loss – by an almost 100% recovery you can take action to prevent theft of trailers
  • Improved customer service - keep your customers informed of the whereabouts of their goods while they are in transit, also ETA prediction becomes accurate
  • Reduce your fleet size – reduce your fleet size by 5% to 25% to get the same amount of work from your fleet by managing your fleet efficiently
  • Reduce supply chain shrinkage - monitor where and when your pallets, cargo, parcels or items are removed from your trailers. We can work with you to automatically detect if cargo has been removed at a location other than its destined delivery address by correlating drop of points with delivery schedules.

GPS trailer tracking Theft Protection

We offer an extensive range of solutions to help you combat trailer theft and crime:

  1. Hidden installation of the tracking device and avoid detection by thieves.
  2. Custom solution such as motion sensors, curfew monitoring, door opening
  3. Geofence the trailer and receive an instant alarm as soon as the device sends a position to SSTracking.com that signifies it is outside the secure area.

Benefits of the SilverStar Solution for Containers:

  • Point of Interest – define and mark ports, depots and cargo areas to know when your container reaches and leaves
  • Routing – specify your major travel routes and be alerted if your containers change direction
  • Door open / door closed – get immediate alerts when the doors are opened and closed – and see the exact location/time this happens
  • Alerts via SMS – pre-program settings so you are only informed instantly by email and text message when any exception occurs
  • Easy to Install - our tracking device is a self contained unit with no external wires or connections, which can be fitted in minutes to any trailer and can be concealed easily.
  • Monitor temperature – for cargo needing to be shipped at specific temperature ranges. Get real-time alerts when exceptions occur

GPS tracking at sea on board a cargo ship?

The SilverStar device automatically and continuouslystores information to its onboard memory. It only stops transmitting data at sea, but begins data transmission again as soon as it re-enters a cellular network. All data stored during the journey is also saved, including events such as door opening for possible theft.

SilverStar understands the problems faced by modern companies struggling to reduce costs. Our trailer tracking consultants will work with you to quickly understand your business and identify areas where increased asset management will deliver real financial benefits. Our top quality, cost effective trailer tracking solutions help you secure and manage your fleet, cargo and workers in remote locations.