School Bus

SilverStar provides a detailed real-time insight into school bus operations, allowing accurate performance control, installation of additional safety features (to prevent over-speeding) and reduction of operating costs.

With the help of SilverStar tracking systems installed in school buses, school officials can locate exactly where their buses are at all times.

SilverStar provides a real-time record of school bus stops, which is important to school officials when it comes to knowing the exact times when school buses are making stops. Access through a password-protected Web site gives school officials secure access of the location and performance of their school bus fleet.

Parents can be provided with a login to enable them to see the exact location and accurate ETA of their children via SilverStar's advanced Passenger information services. Additional information available would be entry and exit times from schools and bus yards and student ridership information.

Our Routing optimization feature enables safest/optimal routes calculation and reduces travel times, while remote prognostics and predictive maintenance help to ensure vehicle reliability. This saves both time and fuel costs and reduces carbon emmissions.

Our solution benefits Schools and anxious parents. We use Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to determine real-time information (location and time) of the school bus. This information is broadcast to pre-programmed mobile numbers of the parents. Alternately, the same information may be sent in response to a query sent from the parent's mobile phone.

Benefits for School

  • Equipping buses with the SilverStar solution will differentiate the School in the minds of potential parents seeking admission of their children
  • Customised reports to help increase efficiency of the fleet by-
    • Reducing unauthorized stops along a pre-determined route
    • Reducing over-speeding
    • Reducing detours
  • Broadcast information on common interests to parents
  • 2-way communication with the driver
  • Very useful in case of public unrest, sudden 'bandhs', or bad weather.

Benefits for Parents

  • Real-time status of the school bus - The Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of the school bus can be sent as a broadcast or alternatively by replying to a query sent from the parent's mobile phones
  • Attendance - by swiping the ID card of the children on boarding/ alighting the school bus
  • Peace of mind in case of bad weather or political unrest
  • Parents are always aware about the real time location of children



  • location, time and speed
  • bus stops
  • ignition on/off events
  • speeding and idling
  • entry/exits from schools/ bus yards


  • route activity with mileage and duration
  • bus stop locations, times, durations
  • school arrival/departure times
  • idle time summaries and locations
  • mileage and engine hours


  • emergencies
  • over-speeding
  • harsh braking
  • preventative maintenance

The SilverStar System will transmit the following information in real-time:

  • ignition on/off
  • bus stop times, locations, loading/unloading times
  • location, speed, and direction between stops
  • mileage traveled on routes or trips
  • over-speeding and excessive idling
  • entry and exit times from schools and bus yards
  • student ridership and passenger information

RFID based School Bus Management

Child security in schools by RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) and GPS (Global Positioning System) technology

Parents can now monitor student entry and exit into their school bus. Already implemented by some leading schools in India, this system is fast gaining popularity.SilverStar brings RFID technology for school bus ridership management in India. Students are issued RFID cards, and the reader on the bus identifies when and where a student enters or exits the school bus.

How does using RFID cards enhance the school bus system?

  • Improves student safety and security.
  • Schools can provide better accountability to parents
  • No child will get up on the wrong bus by mistake
  • A child can't get off at another(not their own) bustop

Ease of Use

The unique RFID cards issued by SilverStarneed not be carried and swiped by the child. Even if the RFID card is placed in the backpack, our readers can read them. As the student passes the card reader upon entering or exiting the bus, the time, date and location are logged and transmitted to our secure database. The school system and parents can access our application at www.sstracking.com.

Our RFID system is fully integrated with our GPS School Bus Tracking Solution and offers one of the most relevant monitoring system in the school bus industry. All information is accessible on the web and alerts are sent as SMS or email. A message may be sent to the parent every time the student enters and exits the school bus.

Benefits for Parents

  • Secure Passive RFID smart cards for students.
  • Smart card for Drivers/Attendants for proper authentication.
  • Email alerts and Online real time status.
  • SMS message for registered Parents/Guardians mobile with information on entering or leaving school bus by the child, or any emergencies.
  • Reduce anxiety and tension among Parents/Guardians about the safety of their wards during transportation to school.