SilverStar started its operations in 2008 to provide solutions for vehicle tracking and fleet management. This service was introduced by PlexiTech Transsolutions LLP. - a businessleader in software solutions for the ground transportation industry.

At Plexitech, we had successfully implemented ERP solutions for many transportation companies including Supershuttle USA, Goldentouch Transportation, Budget Rent-a Car, and Veolia Transportation. We found that there was a need for easier online fleet management in India, and the idea of SilverStar was born. Though we were not one of the early pioneers in this Industry, we felt that the scope for improvement in existing services was immense. We set about building an ‘easy to use’ software and creating custom built economically viable hardware.

Our aim when we set about creating SilverStar was to maximize ROI(return on investment) for our customers. This meant that we had to keep the device cost down, and we had to present our report in a way to highlight areas of wastage of fuel, as well as potential cost saving avenues in operations. We are happy to have customers who regularly save upto Rs.3,500 per month on vehicles monitored by SilverStar.

We also offer very useful and money saving industry specific solutions that we integrate with fleet monitoring:

  • Air-condition on-off reports for tourist taxi companies,
  • Temperature monitoring for refrigerated trucks,
  • Trailer door open-close during container movement,
  • RFID cards for students in school buses,
  • PIS and AFC for public bus systems,
  • Fuel monitoring with liquid level fuel sensors,
  • Personal tracking of sales staff, & SOS panic buttons for call centers.

All our devices have been created keeping in mind the realities of the transportation industry in India. Our hardware is thus designed and manufactured as per our specifications and guidelines.They are waterproof, dustproof, installation-free(plug-in) and tamperproof devices, and are made for rugged use.

Team SilverStar is led by Chandresh Ambani, the founder and CEO of PlexiTech Transsolutions LLP. Mr. Ambani’s aim is to reach out to the thousands of transportation related companies that presently are averse to investing in technology because they see it as an expense. He says that all customers of SilverStar have benefitted financially from online fleet management, and have typically recovered their initial investment with 3 months of operations. Thereafter, customers have consistently saved on fuel bills and driver overtime.

In May, 2010, SilverStar created a mobile phone application to give fleet managers control on the go. This value added service includes a simple, easy to use and intuitive application that users download on their mobile phone to know exactly where their vehicles are. This application is Blackberry® compatible.

In August, 2010, we introduced CANbus and an FMS Interface to read data from a vehicle network like CANbus and translate the data into standardized protocols like CANbus FMS/J1939 or RS23. This gave fleet managers a wide variety of vehicle information for diagnostics and monitoring driver performance.

In September, 2010, SilverStar introduced Fuel Sensors forcustomers who wished to keep a close watch on refills, drainage(thefts) and fuel consumption.

In January, 2011, SilverStar introduced the Plugin range of ‘installation free’ trackers that were designed especially for customers who did not want any tampering with the wiring system of their vehicles.

In June, 2011, SilverStar took over the operations of Reliance Telematics, and the two companies were merged.

What’s coming up in the future? Our primary aim is to maintain our consistently high standards in quality and reliability.Next is our commitment to continued R&D with a focus on delivering new industry-specific service applications that complement our current products, and sets us apart from the competition.

Our growing numbers of customers, partners and employees are proof that we are evolving in the right direction, encompassing new ideas to further improve the SilverStar Service, sharing the success with our partners and enabling clients to achieve a rapid return on investment.