In June, 2011, SilverStar took over the operations of Reliance Telematics, and the two companies were merged.

The principal benefits of this acquisition was that it increased value generation, cost efficiency and market share for SilverStar.Reliance Telematics was uniquely positioned to offer cost effective solutions to the emerging markets of Telematics in India with its technical R&D of more than four years, understanding of various business domains, state of art & extensive GIS database, nationwide customer support network and as the largest user of this technology in India.

The acquisition generated cost efficiency for SilverStar through economies of scale, and enhanced revenues through a gain in the market share.

This acquisition also led to an increase in value generation for the company. We succeed in generating cost efficiency through the implementation of economies of scale.

With the merger we were able to offer two new products to our customers:

Sharp Tracker SS80 – with outgoing messaging and voice calls.

The SS80 has been designed and developed keeping in mind the Indian logistics industry where simplicity of operations is the key. "Loaded amp; Started", "Reached Destination", & "Unloaded" events can be easily communicated by the driver by pressing different color keys & you can get SMS intimation on your mobile. This device automatically sends violation report of your defined speed limit or stoppage time limit.

Sharp Tracker SS81 –with configurable messaging & dialing facility.

The SS81 is designed and developed keeping in mind the logistics requirement of buses, taxis and other segments where the driver can use the advantages of text messaging and complete dialing facility. The unit is robust in design, easy to install & maintain.