SS101 Camera

This camera is for use with the SS71A Compact Tracker and is available with 3D brackets.It is easy to get a clear picture from any angle as it comes with infrared LED Night Vision. High resolution is available with four cameras.

SS104 E-Lock

The E-lock is capable of holding heavy doors that weigh up to 1200lbs. Equipped with door monitoring sensor and indication device.Valuable in a high-traffic office environment where electronic authentication is necessary.

SS108 Temperature & Humidity sensor

The Temperature/Humidity Smart Transmitter is designed to monitor the current temperature and humidity of ambient environment.

SS201 Hands free


  • Allows the driver to communicate with assistance representatives and Control Center(CC) operators.
  • Full duplex voice connectivity via microphone and speaker as well as volume control via push button.
  • Driver/user can initiate, answer and disconnect calls via a service button.
  • The driver can also initiate a service call or a panic call to a predefined number (control center) using the panic button.
  • The Handsfree module also supports silent cabin monitoring in which the CC can listen in while the speaker is muted.

SS204 Keypad


  • The keypad is used for driver authentication.
  • It offers additional authentication method besides the Dallas key.
  • The driver enters his drive ID using the keyboard transmitting it to the Dallas input of unit.

SS207 Temperature Sensor- 5Meter


  • The temperature sensor enables temperature measurement applications for preventing losses especially in refrigerated Container Tracking for the Chilled Supply Chain Industry and other temperature sensitive assets.

SS210 Protector


  • Protector is a low cost silicone/ rubber cover for devices, designed to improve the environment and ingress protection of the device from IP40 to IP65, increasing solid- particle-protection from none to Dust-proof and liquid-ingress-protection from Splashing-water to Powerful-water-jets protection.
  • This dust and water proof solution provides the installer with more flexibility.
  • Protector is used in conjunction with molded harnesses in order to provide robust protection.

SS215 Fuel Sensor


  1. The connecting wires are protected by a flexible corrugated metal-plastic tube.
  2. High accuracy
  3. IP57 compliant


  1. Monitoring Fuel Consumption on accurate way along with pilferage and re-filling
  2. Most suitable for Automotive Vehicles, Heavy Earth Moving Vehicles, JCB, Hydra and DG Sets.
  3. Integrated with SS Tracking GPS to provide on-line fuel monitoring.

SS102 CANbus J939

The Canbus J1939 with built in GPS transfers data throughthe built in RS232 connector to our server. The uBlox module offers detailed location information. The 3 axis G-force sensor detects rapid changes in speed to detect harsh acceleration or braking, thus minimizing accidents. A connection with TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) and the Tachographis also available.

SS105 Radio Frequency Card Reader(RFID)

This camera is for use with the SS71A Compact Tracker and is available with 3D brackets.It is easy to get a clear picture from any angle as it comes with infrared LED Night Vision. High resolution is available with four cameras.

SS109 Taxi Meter

LED display shows the numeric value, can be connected to the printer and central monitoring system through serial port. Meter can be connected to GPS system. Easy to install, tamper proof, highly durable and lightweight. 12 months manufacturing warranty.

SS202 Dallas Kit (Driver Attendance)


  • Dallas Keys are coded keys with matching receiver that enable immobilizations and driver-recognition applications for both security and fleet services. Additional keys enable multiple drivers.
  • Additional keys enable multiple drivers.
  • Increase operational visibility.
  • Enhance driver behavior.
  • Achieve robust accountability.
  • Prevent unauthorized or illegal driving.

SS205 Distress Button


  • A distress button in the vehicle increases driver safety, allowing the driver to alert the fleet manager when needed.

SS208 Door Sensor


  • A robust Magnetic Door sensor is connected to the unit’s digital input, and used to detect door opening in container / trailer applications. The container door sensor is an additional accessory intended to expand the unit and the solutions offering for the asset tracking market.

SS212 Port Expander (with SS71A)


  • Power 9-32V
  • Six inputs and six outputs.
  • Three serial interfaces for communication with an external device.
  • Regulated 5 volts (300 mA max).
  • The communication link between the I/O Expander and the tracking unit is continuously maintained and its status is reported to the backend application.
  • It supports the updating of its programmable parameters by Programmer via its serial port.
  • It supports updating its firmware by the Serial CSF STK Flasher via its serial port. FOTA updating is not supported.

SS103 UHF Readers

The SS103 UHF readers record data automatically. Our UHF is a technology tool with which businesses that transport high value goods, or businesses that need to keep track of workforce, or public transport systems, or schools - can benefit immensely. UHF makes companies of all sizes more efficient by helping them track their inventory and equipment.

SS106 MDT (Mobile Data Terminal)

400MHz 32 bit RISC architecture, with serial port, USB port, audio codec, GPIO, 8 key touch sensor keypad, display with LED backlight support, on board GSM/GPS module, built in 2W amplifier and earphone, back up charger.

SS110 Fuel Sensor

Fuel level sensor DUT-E is designed for precision fuel level measurement in all kinds of vehicles tanks, electrical non-interaction with the tank body, sensors are delivered calibrated, stable and exact output signal.

SS203 Dallas Reader with LED and push button


  • The Driver Status Reporter provides driver identification and driver status reports on special events such as private usage of a vehicle.
  • The product contains a Dallas reader, a push button and a LED.
  • The Dallas reader is used for the Driver ID report.
  • The push button is used for special event reports.
  • The LED is used as a status indication controlled by the unit.

SS206 Immobilizer Relay


  • 12V 40/30A relay supports immobilizing and general purpose applications.

SS209 Container Tracker Magnetic Bracket


  • This bracket allows units to be fixed on steel (iron) surfaces by means of very strong permanent magnets, expanding the flexibility in the placement of units, especially for surveillance, containers and various cargo assets.

SS214 Pressure based Fuel Sensor

The SS214 is Media Isolated Pressure sensor intended for general industrial OEM application that require measurement of liquids and gases up to 1000PSI. The SS214 offers rugged construction, latest in MEMs