Rostering System

SilverStar Commute is an end-to-end transportation automation software for the BPO Industry. It automates all aspects of transport operations including rostering, routing and billing. SilverStar Commute is practical and user-friendly and it specifically addresses on ground challenges and problem areas of transport operations.

SilverStar Commute is an internet/intranet based Route Optimization Software, developed to meet the needs of logistics professionals quickly and efficiently, solve complex routing and scheduling problems to result in a quantifiable decrease in the time and cost of employee transportation. This net decrease in costs and overheads, quickly translates to an increase in profits.

SilverStar is designed to allow fleet operators to plan the routes, estimate time of travel and keep track of the position of their vehicles at all times.

SilverStar comes with powerful fleet management applications that run on an intranet environment. This system can be used to analyze vehicle productivity and offers managerial tools to analyze the operating parameters.

The SilverStar Rostering System allows you to

  • Know exactly who is available for a shift at the required time
  • Have a simple way of knowing that all shifts have been allocated
  • Know the times and costs for rates that apply at different times of the week or special days of the year
  • Send roster of shift details to workers by email or SMS
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Rostering System

How does your fleet operation benefit from SilverStar?

  • Increased driver and passenger safety
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Improved utilization of fleet
  • Reduced overtime and billing errors
  • Efficient route planning
  • Lower fuel bills
  • Stop unauthorized vehicle use
  • Expedite stolen vehicle recovery
  • Insurance risks minimized
  • Enhanced timely service for customers
  • Reduced overtime and billing errors
  • Improve response time with Nearest Vehicle Locator